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Here is Hockey Camp Herning

The atmosphere of a music festival just 200 metres away from the action on the ice in Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning during the World Championship.

When the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship comes to Denmark it will also be the first chance to experience a unique blend of music festival atmosphere combined with the most thrilling sport in the world when Hockey Camp Herning opens it doors for the public in May 2018.

Hockey Camp Herning offers everything any fan could want in one place, a few hundred meters away from the world class hockey on the ice. The camp will offer many different types of accommodation for any kind of budget, small bars and food stalls, grocery store and lots of entertainment such as DJs and fan parties.

CEO of VisitHerning, Søren Juul Baunsgaard, is excited to give the many visiting fans from around the world a unique experience they will remember:

-Just recently we successfully hosted test persons from Finland, Norway, South Korea and Denmark stay in a mini version of Hockey Camp Herning. There is no doubt, the visiting fans will have a different experience than they would normally expect, but it will be an experience where they will be right next to the world championship the whole time – and an experience that will be really atmospheric and unique. In short, we take the best of the renowned Danish festival tradition and mix it with the amazing experience of attending an IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, says Søren Juul Baunsgaard.

The most affordable accommodation at Hockey Camp Herning will be approximately 35 euro per night.

Read more about Hockey Camp Herning, inc. accommodation types and prices here:


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